Bright Nights


Sven, Kit, and Isak meet to share information. Sven and Kit each relate their take on the encounter with the man in the woods: Sven insists he was a nokken, which Kit as yet can't really believe. Isak seems to side with his sister, but clearly wants to keep Sven on the investigation. He informs Sven that the four teenagers were known to spend time at one of the forester's huts on the Hagge family land and asks if Sven could go with him to have a look around.

The three of them set out, hopeful of gathering information about the symbol found with the teenagers and what they might have been doing at the Sikkeland stone. The forest tracks are littered with downed branches after a recent storm. Sven is prepared, of course: he has a chainsaw in the back of his vehicle that makes short work of the larger tree-limbs. But when they arrive at the hut the group's hopes are dashed – the hut has been severely damaged by the storm.

They try to salvage their investigation and begin clearing out the cabin. As they work, Kit suddenly hears a familiar sound: fiddle music fills the air around the hut, and it's growing louder. Isak hears it as well, and then Kit spots Espen. He hasn't seemed to notice them, so Kit heads for a position that would keep him from disappearing into the woods. She draws her weapon. Sven is seized by a fit of musicality, and answers Espen's music with some of his own on Fela, the heirloom family fiddle. Kit catches her foot on a branch, giving herself away, and Espen realizes he isn't alone. He isn't too happy about having competition from another fiddler, and  when Kit tries to talk to him he gives only vague answers. He denies witnessing the deaths of the four teenagers, but claims to know how they died. They were performing a ritual, he says, and obviously their deaths were the only way to bring about whatever it was that they wanted.

Sven notices that Espen is wearing the same symbol that the teenagers had in their possession, and when Espen sees where Sven's eyes have settled he flies – literally – into a rage. Once more, he transforms into a raven. This time he flies at Sven. Kit fires off a shot at the bird, just grazing it before it soars up into the canopy and out of sight.

Sven is livid. He berates Kit for attacking Espen. She argues back; clearly Espen is dangerous, whatever sort of thing he is. Isak calms them both, and calls off the investigation for the rest of the day. Sven brings Isak and Kit back to town. He goes in search of supplies to repair the damaged hut. Isak sits Kit down and reprimands her for her behavior. He reminds her that he is in charge, that she is on a forced vacation from work; and while he appreciates her help with the case, he will have to drop her from the investigation if she pulls a stunt like that again.

Kit is (more or less) repentant. She agrees to follow Isak's lead more strictly, and to put the case on hold until the next day. She runs into Sven at a local bar, and the two of them patch things up. Ingrid arrives with a small group of friends, and through Sven's machinations, she and Kit have their first proper conversation in years. 


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